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Glass Beads Production Line
We use waste glass as raw material, via natural gas furnace to produce reflective glass beads for road marking.

 M-01 Glass Beads Production Line is automatic production line for all sizes of road marking glass beads as well as blasting glass beads, the capacity can be designed acoording to customer`s requirement.

Advantages of MAGMAPLE M-01 Glass Beads Production Line

1.New combustion system for furnace,
reheat the gas  plus more injectors uniform distribution,  convenient maintenance, save space and energy.

2.  Material distribute system, preheat scrap glass shorten distance screw feed uniform distribution,Simple structure
vconvenient maintenance.

3. Computer controled materia charging system, capacity and quality adjustable easily.
4. Automatic sieveing, batching, mixing  by Industrial PC system.

5. New style induced draft fan, air quantity control, circulation of used heat, low noise , venergy saving and environmental protection.

6. Automatic packing and sewing system.

Specification for MAGMAPLE M-01 Glass Beads Production Line (Only for reference, all the design can be adjustable accordingly to customer`s requirements.)
1. Energy consumption
    Electrical power consumption: 150 kw/h
    Natural gas consumption: 300-400 m3/t
    Water consumption: 100-150 kg/h
2. Production capacity: 8-15 tons per 24 hours each furnace
3. Roundness of glass beads: more than 75%
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