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     MAGMAPLE Mag-Beads Reflective Glass Beads
   are a major factor in increasing road safety in a very  economical way.

   Thanks to the beads’ retroreflective action at night, a  vehicle’s headlight beam is returned to the driver’s eye, which results in a “light-up” effect of the striping.

    The micro spheres not only multiply the visibility of road markings at night, but also increase the striping’s durability in general.

MAGMAPLE Mag-Beads cover all the international road marking standards, such as EN 142&1424, BS 6088, AASHTO, TTB-1325-C, AS, KS, etc.

The capacity for all kinds of
MAGMAPLE Mag-Beads Reflective Glass Beads
is about 20000 metric tons per year.

Our products with the advantages of abundant talents, advanced technique and competitive price, mainly exporting to Europe,  USA, Middle East, Japan, and Korea etc., more than 20 countries and districts. 
Specification for MAGMAPLE Mag-Beads
Size gradation    75 - 1700μm 
  Index   ≥1.5
  Roundness      >85%
  Specific weight      2.5 g/cm3
  Bulk weight  1.6 kg / l
 Coating       silane / silicone
  Packaging   25kgs/ 1ton bags

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